More research needs to be done with regards to this map. This map of California shows certain cities circled. All pen and pencil markings were made by Harvey. Santa Maria was where Harvey lived when he was a professor at Hancock College in the early 1960's. During the same period of time, the Zodiac Killer... Continue Reading →

Contacted Vallejo PD

I contacted the Vallejo Detective working on the case. Actually just left a message for him to call me but haven't heard from him. They still haven't called me back from my messages I left 11 years ago. None of the Police Departments have ever called me back. It is ridiculous.

The Connections

Here is a list of connections that have been found so far to date. I'm going off memory, so if I've forgotten anything you've discovered, please contact me so we can get it in this list. The suspects tire tracks and description of car (from possible witnesses) at Lake Berryessa crime scene match the car... Continue Reading →


I can't help thinking that this virus outbreak, although might be an actual thing, that there is more to it than we are being told. I immediately thought that my prediction about a terrorist invasion and takeover is coming true, albeit 5 years earlier than I sensed it would happen. I still wholeheartedly believe that... Continue Reading →


Here is the link to the documents I've scanned from the originals, for your reference. I am interested to know what you make of these documents? Just on their own, what type of person was the author? I'm curious to have other opinions on these papers.

His memories

These drawings make me wonder who these people were. Were they people he knew? Or people he'd seen? Could they have been victims? Or targets? Who's identity is in question in front of the judge? A king? Who is king? I see this stuff and to me I am able to put a story together... Continue Reading →

Moral Compass

One thing that I am not, is a liar. I don't thrive on telling stories that aren't true. I don't automatically spit out a lie when I'm asked a question. But this rule of mine has exceptions to it. I've always been a bit gullible, naive, or what I call ignorant bliss. I've been taken... Continue Reading →

My heart is broken no more!

Update! I got a call on Saturday afternoon from a neighbor about a mile away who has been caring for my cat for about 10 days. She told me she saw my post on social media and contacted me to be reunited with him. What a wonderful day! Nothing like this usually ever happens for... Continue Reading →

Get Over It

I am not able to comprehend why "your (my)" sibling would not tell "you (me)" they have cancer when they told everyone but "you (me)"? Jealousy rots people, just the same as greed and having an inferiority complex. I saw a little pillow with a saying on it the other day that said "build a... Continue Reading →

I give up

I've been hoping to have a relationship with my brother all my life. Even after all the cruel shit he has done He doesn't deserve to have me as his sister. I give up trying to show him that I care. I am going to care about me instead.

Evil eye

I had an epiphany last night. I was talking to my daughter about someone I grew up with. I had mentioned that my long time friend had a particular look in her eye that I've seen many many times in many many other people's eyes throughout my life. I'm not sure if everyone has seen... Continue Reading →

Its unfortunate

So very unfortunate that the police departments that handled the crimes committed by the Zodiac Killer can't assign someone to the case to follow up with new potential evidence that the public brings forward. It's been literally 10 years since I first contacted law enforcement about my suspect and evidence and not one person/detective/officer has... Continue Reading →

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