On the move

I’m gathering my things.

All my thoughts.

No one cares.

But I do.

My accomplishments go unnoticed.

To everyone.

But me.

My feelings aren’t important.

To anyone.

Except me.

I gave it all I had,

my husband,

my poor husband,

I wish he were here now to make it all ok again.

But he’s gone.

My children,

my babies,

their family is gone,

because I felt some chemistry

but that’s gone now too.

No one’s here.

Just me.


It’s all gone

so I’m on the move.

Thank God

I have me.

I trust me. I love me. I care about me.

Now I need to honor me.

And me only.

Thank you for me Dad.

I’ll honor me for you too.



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