The Elevator

What a day! I never did come up with those 3 words that I was struggling to find in my previous post. Which meant I really didn’t need them after all.

I walked into my ex’s attorneys office strong, independent, classy, confident yet humble. The only person there was my ex. He was sitting in the waiting room. He looked up at me and just as I flashed him a big grin he turned away as if he were searching his documents for something. I sat in a chair directly across from him. He looked up at me and I spoke first. “Isn’t this fun?” He replied with his usual negativity, “we could have done all this via e-mail.” I looked him right in the eyes and said, “I didn’t insist on this meeting.” Just then, my attorney came out to greet me, then ushered me into a conference room. It had a large conference table right in the center with 8 chairs around it. The room had an incredible view of my home-towns hills, I sat in the chair that gave me the best view. My attorney sat to my right at the head of the table. For the next 20 minutes or so, he & I went over the documents that were newly presented to us. At one point, one of the documents had me burst out with laughter. I am sure the whole floor heard my amusement to it.

A little knock at the door, and in shuffle my ex & his attorney. My attorney & I ended up dominating the room together for the next hour. The ex was visibly shaking. His troll-like, female counsel couldn’t look me in the eyes. She never has. Poor thing.

I stood up for myself. Stood up for what I wanted. I let go of the things I still possess that he wanted. I felt something good inside me when I gave. It felt better than when I took. He slung a little mud my way … but instead of slinging it back I insisted that he keep his accusations and attacks to himself. His attorney repeated what I said and he stopped.

In the end, he & I agreed to have better communication and I got to say to his face why I don’t communicate to him much. I feel it was very productive and healthy and I feel so much better & more connected…kinda like we’re still a family. But now he & I don’t have to deal directly with one another’s shit!

One thing I did not expect as I left her office alone was the ache between my legs. As much as he repulses me now I became extremely hungry for his cock. I walked down the long hallway towards the elevators and my mind spun with thoughts of him coming up silently behind me as the doors of the vacant elevator opened. I stepped inside alone but imagined him there. Visualizing myself dropping to my knees just as the doors slide together, having his cock out and in my mouth in an instant. Sucking him hard & slow & deep, just like I know he loves. I lean back against the back of the elevator and he pins me there, thrusting his cock deeply in & out of my throat. Five floors down. He’s swollen and throbbing in my mouth and I’m latched on sucking it hard. My eyes full of tears from the deep throating. – The doors start to sweep open, I compose myself and step out, alone. The only noise is of my high heels clicking across the lobby floor. I’m walking tall. Turning heads. But all I can think of is that cock I know better than anyone else in this world and the man I devoted 15 years of my life to & loved unconditionally that I just walked away from a few minutes before. I was ok.

I got in my car alone. I sat in the parking lot and watched the people come & go. Alone. My phone didn’t ring. I had no one to call. No one there to hear me. No one there to hug me. Just me. And I was ok.

I made my way over to the office supply store & bought myself the most expensive pen I could find. I wanted to write. Nothing more.

It ended up being an incredible day for me. I’m not broken. Or damaged. I’m me and doing it alone now.

38 responses to “The Elevator”

  1. LOL… I just noticed that the comments are actually longer than the story. I wonder why nobody else has mentioned wanting to hear this story rather than reading it. We’d prefer a female voice LOL, not some guy. That just wouldn’t set the tone ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. All right, I’ll bite it and be the only person to complain about this entry. It’s too long!LOL! I’m demanding an audio tape of it ; p ( I’m reading this on my cell phone. The only way I can communicate now through the week is by T9 texting and slow internet via slowphone. If you send me a message through MSN I may get it. Enjoy the nice weather!


  3. Wow – see, I couldn’t be intimate with my ex now. Too much bad air between us. I haven’t spoken to him in over 2 years (aside from court/kids stuff and even those instances I could count on one hand). But…I’ve obviously thought about it.

    I like the picture you painted of your situation. I understand it.

    Best of luck to you.


  4. i am going through a divorce right now. i am on the other side. you know. the one with the cock. i know this story is old, posted over a year ago. but the tone and the sensations are so familiar.

    even after half a year of separation. we find ourselves hot like teenagers in the back of a bar. or on a kitchen table. or up against the dishwasher. when its least expected. bam. there were are scrambling to make sense of why we want the familiar sounds, smells, tits, pussy, cock, positions, fantasies, skin, lips, hair and thrills. and yet. there are these lawyers, and rightfully so.

    go figure. all those years. all that fun. all that sweat. all that cum. damn straight its not gonna fizzle instantly.


  5. As other’s mentioned, your post didn’t take the path I thought it might, but was interesting just the same. I’ve spoken with you online a couple of times about what you went through. Looking at the dates, it looks like you went through what I’m about to go through. My wife left me in July, but we haven’t filed any papers yet. When the time comes to make the end of our 13yrs together official, I hope that I can show half the strength you had.


  6. gosh how strong-beautiful moving-touching.your mind set alone makes you sultry-sexy warm and wonderful. i’ll bet when you make love it’s filled with heart-soul-passion as your life is


  7. Wow great story. I was totally expecting something else from the title. Your words are so captivating. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Well, although you are a bit twisted I do have to say it was a good read. I like the tune playing in the background, you know what you are doing it seems for real life type erotica… Is this the only format you write in?




  10. Relentless you just summed up the feelings of every woman and man that ever got together and then split.
    To have emotion is one thing…to live it, feel it and experience it first hand is entirely another. Inspirational piece of writing written by a truly inspirational woman. x x x x x


  11. Good for you relentless , stand up and be proud , you stood for your rights as a woman , anything less wouldnt be right.
    Have a Happy Easter Wweekend


  12. I have found that the truth is the most powerfull thing i have in my life today. I also refuse to compromise it for anyone. so I say ask if you really want to know. If not hold that thought. The truth will set you free. Thank you for being just who you are. ( YOU )


  13. Miss Relentless…

    wooooooowwwwwwwwwww! yes you are ok, for you to be able to express those kinds of thoughts while dealing with such horrific heart tearing emotions is simply amazing to me. I f everyone knew how to speak their feelings i do believe we’d have less heartache in this cold world we as societies dwellers have created!


  14. Well,

    What does one say to amazingly written prose capturing drama and the bitterness of divorce abnd separation. Well done.



  15. I am totally impressed!!! Are you published? I couldnt stop reading. Your passion and detail through out had me glued to every word…Well done.


  16. The second of your posts I’ve been priviledged to read. You are certainly someone very deserving of respect for your strength, grace under pressure and practical common sense. Even as I offered my thoughts in the first post I placed here on your blog (grrrrrr), I had a sense you already knew what I was trying to convey … having read this post, my suspicions are confirmed.

    Your fantasy about doing him in the elevator is, I think, a testiment to your feelings about and desire for loving fidelity. That’s rare these days when most things seem to be deemed temporary and/or disposable.

    A hard penis is nothing when attached to a hard heart … of course, you already know that!



  17. Hi Relent,
    I second that bubba..i’ve only known you for not that long but you are one of the strongest and smartest women i know :)..and standing up for yourself and showing your true courage is 1 trait i luv about you. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on or just a friend to talk know how to reach me…because i will always be there for you ๐Ÿ™‚


  18. Bubba? It means more to me than you know. And for you to take the time to stop & read my words here and to comment on them so that when I am feeling lost and alone I can remind myself that there are people out there that care and are proud of me and perhaps in their own way, they need me too.

    I’m here for you too. Hugs.


  19. Not that it means anything from me but I’m proud of you…. You stood up for yourself and have proven how strong you really are.

    Take care.


  20. Wow. That was an awesome post. My fiance and I are getting married and filled with love. I can’t imagine divorcing her. I hope you keep your strength. I’m sure you’ll find another man. One you can actually do your “business” with in the elevator.


  21. Wow, that was really intense… Tho I was expecting something else this ended up really interesting, I’m glad to see there are still strong women out there.



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