S u n d a y

S u n d a y

His voice is beautiful. There’s a strange feeling I get inside when I hear him or am near him. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt. So, we talk briefly. He invites me to dinner Sunday evening and I accept without any hesitation. I was so excited. I went shopping and bought myself a new dress. Black silk with a shock of color on the right shoulder and left hip from the exotic flowers printed there on the silk. It wrapped around my waist and outlined my curves fluidly, tying in the back in a feminine little bow. It was just the right length to show off my gorgeous legs. I know he’s a leg man but he’s never seen a pair like these. I was determined to make his mouth drop when he saw me walking up to him this time.Sunday rolls around. It was a quiet Sunday for me. Got to sleep in. No distractions. Well, except for the relentless hunger for cock that had settled-in between my legs. The desire to get fucked hard was already in overdrive and I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet. My fingers found my wetness in no time. If only he were here now to feel how warm and slippery I am. He’d fuck it nice and hard for me for sure. I struggled to not pull out my favorite-oh-so-conveniently-stored toy. I wanted to save my little wet discovery for him.

Dating younger men was never something I really had an interest in. For some reason I felt that I’d treat them badly and see them as inferior. He’s 5 years younger than me which meant right away in my mind that when he was born I was already having thoughts of being forcefully touched by a man or men inappropriately and forced to do things to them. Yes, at 5. But as I got to know more about him I learned he was far more mature than most 28 year old guys these days and his perverse sexual appetite is vast. Intrigue took over from there.

He’s right on time. He looks incredible. His eyes scan me up & down as if he’d just been served a hot, juicy prime cut of beef. Knowing I was being sized up by him made my nipples tingle and instantly hard. They sent messages throughout my entire body and I felt my panties becoming moist. He compliments me about the dress and steps back a bit, admiring my legs. “Girl, you have got some gorgeous pins on you, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a nicer set of legs in all my life”. With a grin from ear to ear I thank him. Then he motions for us to leave and I begin to lead the way to his car. His hand touches the small of my back as I walk. He traces up my spine gently with his finger tips. Slowly. Up, under my hair. To the back of my neck. His fingers slip up into my thick hair and he takes control of me instantly as he grabs a fist full of it at the nape of my neck. I let out a low moan signifying my position. My entire body begins to buzz. I feel it so strongly in my pussy now that I’m afraid I may cum. We reach the passenger side of his car and stop. He leans in close, tightening his fist and growls deeply in my ear. I feel the muscles in my pussy begin a familiar rhythmic throbbing. I fight it. He reaches and opens my door for me and places me in the front seat. He closes the door and walks around to the drivers side. I rub at my clit hard. It’s protruding out, swollen and so sensitive. My whole body feels it & instinctively tightens up. My back arches. He opens the door and gets in. I compose myself as subtly as possible.

The restaurant he chose is fabulous. Overlooking San Francisco Bay. The food, the champagne, the views, the conversation, the company, all perfect! The other patrons in the restaurant seemed more interested in us than anything else. We must have been putting off some pretty strong vibes.

After dinner he and I shared desert and finished our bottle of champagne. As we got up to leave I discovered that I was quite tipsy. We made our way to his car. All the way back I was giggly. Poking fun at this and that. His expressions were amusing. He enjoyed watching me click the interior light on and flash the truckers as we passed. Those truckers sure seemed to enjoy my breasts. I think they may have been telling the other truckers on the road to watch out for me over the CB radio because as we’d approach a new 18-wheeler on the freeway I could see a smiling face in the drivers’ side view mirror peering down right at me. I’d open my dress, exposing my bare breasts to the stranger and he’d blow his big horn just after we’d pass. It was so much fun!

He invited me to stay the night with him. Since I had no work the next day I accepted.

We pull into the garage of his home. It’s immaculate. Everything is so organized. He leads me inside. His home is large. The decor’ is modern European. Warm and inviting. He asks if I’d like another glass of champagne. Of course! We walk to his wet bar, just off the kitchen and he pours us both a glass. We toast to those road weary truckers who have something to think about now after they came across the drunken exhibitionist passenger in the black sportscar. Our eyes lock onto one another as we sipped the bubbly. He’s magnetic. Just over six feet tall. His eyes are blue and the same color as his shirt. His skin is tanned and his laugh lines make him look distinguished. Dark hair, almost black. Goatee. Large, strong hands. I think of how they feel. I wonder if they’re as rough and strong as they look. I hope that all the years in the construction business made them so. Now that he has people to do the labor I hoped it hadn’t softened them any. I found myself staring at his hands. He breaks my daydream by excusing himself for a moment.

While he’s away I scan his place. Everything is tasteful. Expensive. Clean. I was impressed. Perhaps he’s got a decorator? Oh gawd, perhaps he’s gay? No, he couldn’t be. He just has great taste. Really great taste. I walk to the bay window and look out at his view. It’s incredible. Overlooking the whole valley. He’s like a King up here, overlooking the commoners in his village below. I look in the direction of my house and giggle to myself. “Commoners”. Teeheehee! I hear music begin to flow and turn to see him walking towards me. He takes me by my hand and leads me along. My heels seemed to click against his marble floors to the same beat as his tunes. He leads me into his bedroom but it isn’t like any bedroom I’ve seen in person. It’s like a house within a house. There’s an entertaining/seating area just as you walk through the double doors. There’s a wet bar, a huge flat screen television on the wall opposite the couches and a stereo system built into the wall right next to the TV. Through the archway I could see his huge bed and armoire. The fireplace on the opposite wall was lit and it was filling the room with a warm yellow glow. The furniture was dark and masculine and the linens were crisp looking in muted tones. His bathroom was just off of this entertainment area and my whole bedroom could have fit into it, twice. I begin to wonder again. Who is this guy? He’s really very humble. I would have never thought he’d have a lifestyle like this meeting him at that deli, being all dirty, just off a job site. I’m impressed.

I head for his bed and sit looking out at the view again. I set my empty glass of champagne on the nightstand & lay back on his bed. I sink into the blankets. Close my eyes. Feeling almost weightless. I feel his presence close. His knee slips between my knees and slowly he parts them. I open my eyes slightly. He’s towering over me. He leans down and kisses me deeply. His tongue exploring my mouth thoroughly, taking me. I run my hands over his body, exploring every inch I can reach. He presses against me and I nearly explode with desire from his weight on me, I’m pinned and can feel his hard sex against my pelvis. I fight the urge to open my legs wide and beg him to fuck me. The words don’t come but my body begged just the same. He sits up for just a moment and looks down at me as I squirm in absolute hunger for him. He reaches to his nightstand with one hand and pinches my left nipple hard with the other. He takes the silk of my dress that’s covering my breast & pulls it up and away from my body. With his other hand he takes a pair of scissors and cuts away the fabric. Leaving a big hole. I’m writhing. His rough fingers enter the hole & he gently feels my skin underneath. He looks at my nipple poking through and leans down, sucking it into his mouth. My eyes close. He bites onto it and listens to my breath. He bites harder. I moan. Harder still. My back arches, forcing my breasts out to him. He bites harder and groans in acceptance. All at once, he sits up & turns me onto my stomach. He traces the scissors down my back and slices a hole right at the small of my back. He feels my skin there. Using his hand he tears my dress and grazes his nails slowly against my skin. I’m trying to find a way to rub my clit without being too obvious. My moans are filling the whole room. He leans in, biting the back of my neck. I wanted to tell him to fuck me hard. Take me by my hips, shove my face into the pillows and fuck me so hard it hurts. Make me scream. Make me cum. Fuck me! I stayed quiet & let him lead. He eases me back onto my back and only then did I realize his pants were open. He takes me by my hair and pulls me up, tells me in a deep voice; ‘open’. He guides his cock into my open mouth and begins to fuck it. It’s huge. Bigger than I’ve ever had in my mouth before. I can’t seem to take it all. He slows and fucks it slowly, coaxing me to relax. My throat opens for him and he slips in it completely. Holding it in, cutting off my air. He groans loud and thrusts a little deeper. My eyes water & I feel as if I may cum. As he pulls away slowly I suck on it hard, trying to draw it back in. It’s coated in saliva like a natural lubricant. He thrusts in again, not as deeply, over & over and I suck, hungry for it deeper. He’s pleased and nearly cums but stops just in time. He looks at me, brushes my hair off of my left shoulder and takes his scissors, cutting my dress completely off of my shoulder. My skin is moist there and he commented on how beautiful it looked in the light. He traced his finger over it & eased me onto my back again. His fingers traced down to my exposed nipple and slipped in under the silk again. He sat up on top of me & took a hold of the fabric around the hole and ripped my dress open. My breasts completely exposed now. He moves away a bit and reaches for the fabric again, tearing it open all the way. He grabs at my panties which were the only thing between me and him now. He rips them from my body all at once and spreads my legs open wide. I’m breathless and my hips are grinding into him. He takes my legs up onto his shoulders and teases my wet pussy with the tip of his cock. I’m trying to feel it go deeper. I’m trying to force it in me. He’s holding me back. Teasing me. I belt out, ‘you fucker, fuck it!’ ‘Fuck it hard.’ ‘Make me cum all over you’. He’s teasing. Then slips just the head in. Holding for a moment as he takes my flailing legs under control and tells me to shut the fuck up. With one thrust he fills my hole completely. I scream out from the sudden stretching of my muscles and use them to squeeze his cock, once the throbbing stopped. He digs in deeper without pulling out. Deeper. Stabbing into me. If he had neighbors within earshot they would have thought someone was being killed by my screams. I tell him again, ‘fuck it hard, you fuck’. ‘C’mon, fuck it!’ Unamused, he slips his hand over my mouth and begins pounding me. Tearing me. Fucking me. Hard and deep. Slowly at first and gaining speed. He’s strong and fucking my delicate insides hard and I love it. My screams are muffled and my breath is restricted. My hole is being completely violated and I love it. I fucking love it! I grind hard with him rhythmically. His pelvis banging against my clit on every thrust…I focus on that. Over. And over. And over and over. Here it comes…My orgasm rips through my body and he rides it. His huge cock piercing into me. He tips my torso up and continues his relentless assault. My orgasm just keeps going. It comes in waves, growing stronger as I become more sensitive. He hits a spot in me that makes me feel as if I may lose all control. He hits it again. And again. Again harder. Harder. I lose it. This time, as I cum, it’s like a sprinkler. I squirt all over. I’ve lost all control. We’re both soaked in it and he’s fucking. I feel him start to throb inside me. He’s strong. It’s pumping. My body is still riding my orgasm as his explodes into me. I feel it, hot and gushing. Filling me and overflowing. He lays down next to me, totally breathless. We stay close together. Tangling our limbs around one another. My head on his chest, I run my fingers over his nipples and watch them as they reach the patch of hair right in the center, right at that little indent in his ribcage. He’s got the smoothest skin I’ve ever felt. I breathe in his scent deeply. I slyly stick my tongue out and taste him. His skin is salty from sweat but there’s no real taste. I focus on his heartbeat. I close my eyes and listen and drift away.

Morning comes and I wake well after dawn. He’s asleep next to me still. Right away my mind is at work…I move a little to see just how deep of sleep he’s in. He doesn’t move. I move a little more. Nothing. I shake the bed as much as I can. Like a stone. Nothing. As stealthy as possible I quickly sink under the blanket and take his cock into my mouth. I begin sucking, feeling his flaccid penis grow harder in my mouth. As it does I pay more attention to my technique and perfect my rhythm. I hear him moaning. I suck him deeply when he does. I’m eager to swallow him. I want it more than anything now and work diligently for my reward. He just let’s me. I do it my way. Reading his body language. Sensing when it’s coming. Deliberately repeating what I’ve discovered he likes. All the way down and sucking him hard as I draw out. Not all the way out, just tip to lips and back down, all the way. Milking him with my mouth. I feel his throbs up close this time and take him down again, driving his cock into my throat. It pumps hard. My mouth stuffed completely full as he delivers his load into yet another hole of mine. Using my mouth to fuck him, please him. Please me. I draw out one last time, sucking anything out that’s there. I gently lick the tip clean and throw the blankets off of me. I sit up and begin to giggle. He’s smiling. His eyes are closed. He’s reaching for me and touching my back. Pulling me into his chest again. I lay with him and doze off to the feeling of his fingers in my hair, safe, alive, beautiful.

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  1. But seriously…..your erotic writings are very hot


  2. But did the Giants win that night ?


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