s o r r y

I’m sorry.

I see what I did wrong.

I had the wool pulled over my eyes.

But now I see.

Something new.

And life is good.

One response to “s o r r y”

  1. I hope your not sorry for “him”. The only wool you had over your eyes was the wool he put there. You need to make a clean break and quit going back to the scene of the accident as if you can go back in time and change things. You are an intelligent person with great potential. STOP making the same mistakes. Take an inventory of yourself and find what makes you happy. Not what satisfies you for the moment. Don’t keep jumping to the next encounter as if you can live on temporary fixes. Your better than that and deserve more. Try a time out for you to ponder the true you. I hope some day you can identify what you really need and find joy in that. Life is short do not waste it on false starts and dead ends. When I see you smile it lites my heart on fire. You need to find the source of that true smile. What really fills you with the light of life and makes you eager for what is ahead. Take your time and listen to your heart not your hormones. I mean this in the most positive way. You know my e-mail feel free and look for the path that is yours alone. In love and hope, Dave


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