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  1. BOB says:

    We don`t know each other, have never met,though I have seen you a few times on cam on the AWC website so I know how beautiful you are on the outside. But now that I have read your writings here revealing your inner most feelings, I can tell that your true beauty lies in your amazing heart. To be able to not only understand the feelings that you have racing through your body and mind , but to be able to write them down in such a way that people who read them can feel them also is truely a gift that few people have the ability to do. Even though I can sense the sadness that you feel at the end of your marriage, I also can sense a feeling of relief ,that the confidence you have inside of what a beautiful person you really are , will now allow you to seek the happiness you truely deserve. I hope you find that happiness and that it becomes one you can share with someone forever. If you ever need someone to talk to or just to listen , feel free to e-mail me at anytime I will always respond, it would be a pleasure to get to know such a incredible woman even better.


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