It frustrates me to no end when my children call while they’re with their Dad and I can hear him in the background on his phone talking with his girlfriend the way he once talked to me.

It’s frustrating when I hear what he talks to them about.

  • Why does he have to discuss our divorce details with our children?
  • Why does he have nothing good to say about me?
  • Why do I continue to defend & protect him when I get just the opposite?
  • Why can’t people just live & let live?

All he’s doing is teaching them to disrespect me. I fear puberty more than anything right now. I remember what I put my parents through. Luckily I have a lot of hair going into those years because I just might emerge with some of it left once the hurricane of 2 teen girls settles.

I hope they learn compassion for others from me. I hope they learn to respect them selves from me. I hope they learn openness and honesty from me. I hope they’re sensitive and sweet and passionate and driven by what makes them truly happy. I hope they see both the good & bad traits their dad & I both possess and listen to their intuition before making decisions.

I feel like it’s a constant battle proving to them that I’m really not the person their Dad portrays me as now that he’s the ‘ex’. They adore their Daddy and they should. I just wish he’d let his bitterness go so that they don’t feel like they have to dislike me for him to like them. I hope they see the big picture.