Nickelback – Figured You Out









4 responses to “Nickelback – Figured You Out”

  1. here I am reading your blogs, and I see that this song is not Dire Straights as I had assumed, but Nickleback. While I had not been familiar with the lyrics of this song, I have to mention the line “The river Is deep, The river is cold” seems to be a reversing of the punchline from that famous joke.

    Actually, this is my second or third time on your page, don’t think I had commented, so this seemed like a good place. Very interesting, very revealing, I certainly couldn’t do it. While I don’t find anything remotely wrong with my private side, for me, it has to remain just that. I will say that it has always been a wonder to me how we seem to find each other without a word, without a look in some cases. It’s as if there is some different type of magnetism that just eminates from this personality type and is totaly palpable to those who share in it. We’re a different kind of “ten percenters” 🙂 Good luck, I’ll definately check back occasionally.


  2. i got it–i know this song–been watching your page–so i figured it out–missed ya–good 2 see yaback–hugs and muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  3. Please explain the irony for a stupid swede…I hate when I doesn’t understand 🙂


  4. Chad Kroeger ….lead singer of Nickleback got arrested again last night in Vancouver. it figures you would post a Vancouver band LOL



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