Ahhhh, suburbia.

It’s Saturday. The buzz of the neighbors lawnmower tries to drown out my radio. I hear another neighbor laughing and talking. The sun is bright and hot and I feel good. My children are constantly in & out. Back and forth from house to house to house…likely all 5 of the gang of kids led by my oldest is draining the pantries of the homes they invade of all visible snacks, just like I see them do here. Nobody has to hurry anywhere. No one needs to do anything but relax today and enjoy life. I still haven’t decided if I’ll take them in to San Francisco today for the fireworks show. It would be nice though. I’m just enjoying the ‘nothing’ and feeling the goosebumps rise on my skin as a classic Led Zeppelin tune plays unexpectedly on my radio. It brings back memories of much simpler times. Carefree times, with little responsibilities and more free time on my hands than I knew what to do with. It reminds me of  that summer in the mountains. Lying on a huge granite boulder on my back in the blazing sun listening to the Stanislaus River flow by and my boyfriend fly fishing for hours on end. Feeling love. Watching love.  My granite boulder morphed into a plastic chaise. The Stanislaus River is now the waterfall behind me. These are the times I’ll likely look back on in 20 years and remember fondly…yet today they seem so bland compared to my memories as a teen.

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