To the uninformed haters:


I am never shocked at how many people out there live in glass houses and throw stones. What amazes me is how you hide behind your fake return e-mail addresses or false I.D.’s online. I’m constantly accused of sleeping around or like someone that just left me a comment on my site here, worrying about who I am going to fuck tomorrow. I challenge you to talk with me for an hour and see if you still have that same opinion of me. Obviously you are threatened by what I possess and the apparent ease of my ability to get laid! Who is the shallow one??? If you can’t take the time to stop & talk to me and get to know me you shouldn’t make assumptions on my personality, my financial status, my relationships or my emotions. And no, I won’t go to any corner to meditate, perhaps you should go figure out what it is that bothers YOU so much that I possess. Your shortcomings are not MY fault!