To the uninformed haters:


I am never shocked at how many people out there live in glass houses and throw stones. What amazes me is how you hide behind your fake return e-mail addresses or false I.D.’s online. I’m constantly accused of sleeping around or like someone that just left me a comment on my site here, worrying about who I am going to fuck tomorrow. I challenge you to talk with me for an hour and see if you still have that same opinion of me. Obviously you are threatened by what I possess and the apparent ease of my ability to get laid! Who is the shallow one??? If you can’t take the time to stop & talk to me and get to know me you shouldn’t make assumptions on my personality, my financial status, my relationships or my emotions. And no, I won’t go to any corner to meditate, perhaps you should go figure out what it is that bothers YOU so much that I possess. Your shortcomings are not MY fault!

11 responses to “To the uninformed haters:”

  1. Hi Relentless. Sorry To see the haters throwing rocks. I think you’re Cute….Wink! I always love your serendipity and the haters go to hell. I hope you take us on another road trip soon. I always am so intrigued by your travels.

    illegitamus Non Carborundum Babee
    ps this blog is kewl


  2. Cheers Miss, and my hat to you.

    I truly hope you don’t mind me chiming in, simply found your blog through the wordpress homepage.

    ~Kevin B.


  3. Why cant a beautiful, sexy, lady like yourself relentless just be accepted for who they are, and not what others want you to be ? I never have figured that out as of yet. The real reason is that they are scared of who you are and your intelligence. I say forget them, they will always be scared or someone who is better than they are. you have something they want, but they themselves dont possess the inane ability to go out and work their asses off for it. Fuck em, they will always be on the lower rungs of life.

    Stay the course you are on relent…luv ya girl.


  4. well ive never hided–lol–just havent been around lately–lol–i dont judge people like that anyway-heck i know im not perfect either–and yes ive given you a rela email–still waiting for a reply–lol–just teasing–sure you busy –im just 1 man from little oh south dakota—-well like i always say–like me–or not–hate me–fukem!!!!!!no1 ever gets to knoww me either–so hey!!!!i hear ya!!!!have a good one–(alwyas admiring ya)–muahhhhhhhhhh



  5. just to add to the last comment i made. there’s also another saying “before you accuse, criticize and abuse, walk a mile in my shoes”. you go girl!!!
    luv ya!!! xoxox



  6. good job relentless. gotta say i completely agree with you. like they say “no matter how hard i try, some people are just assholes”.
    luv ya!!! xoxox



  7. the haves and the have nots…that’s what it’s all about relentless…you have it, and they don’t and it pisses them off to no end…you keep doing exactly what you do hun…I love you for it..(((((((( relentless ))))))


  8. There will always be people who are jealous and bitter around us. I try to ignore them though nothing good never comes out from listening to them. Just let them be bitter and make a fool of themselves.
    Your answer was good and I bet that he’ll never contact you.
    It’s easy to hide behind a nick on the Internet but to come out in real life isn’t the way that these people choose to deal with things.
    Just ignore em..
    Big hugs


  9. You are the most wonderful woman I have ever met. I know who you are and there isn’t a single person on that website that can come close to your faithfulness. I am the luckiest man alive to have you as my partner in life.

    Totally Committed;
    Your Hepa


  10. knotsew_innocent Avatar

    My only response to that would be that the people who are threatened by someone’s sexuality, are the same people who don’t experience enough of their own to be able to make a sound judgment about it to begin with. I’m thinking of the people who protest outside of businesses of an adult nature, and are, in my opinion, insecure with the status of their own sexual being, and are so threatened by the fact that frequenters of those establishments -like me- are at ease with their own sexual being, that they (the protesters) must attempt to force their narrow minded opinions on others.

    I also would like to note that just once, I wish someone would answer the question of “who are you going to fuck tomorrow?” with ME! 🙂 (a slight attempt at levity.)



  11. WooHoo!

    Hey, when they’re dissing you they’re leaving me alone. Prolly the same ppl. Though I offered my # mine didn’t have the nerve to call lol.

    Balls of steel girl, never get neutered.



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