I’d forgotten how nice it feels just to have someone around. Someone to work in the yard with. Someone to prepare a meal for. Someone to grab on to and kiss as you pass in the hallway. Someone that is drama-free and not constantly going at the speed of light.

It’s nice to have someone around that makes you want to strive to be your personal best. But is perfectly happy with less than that. Someone who laughs with you when you make a fool out of yourself and that isn’t too full of himself to laugh when he’s a fool.

I’ve never had someone bring me flowers ‘just because’ nor have I ever seen such sparkle in someone eyes as he handed them to me. I’ve never felt as close to a person as I do when I’m in his arms. As close as two people can be yet wanting to be even closer.

I feel no need to rush. I feel no need to slow down. I like this pace. I’ve loved the past 2 days. Thank you Hepa. You make me feel truly special. You are a blessing in my life.

my Hepa and me