People are such fucking leeches. You invite them into your home. Treat them with respect. Offer them anything you could possibly give. They take it all. They ask for more. You give. They fall on hard times. You help keep them afloat any way you possibly can. They milk you for more. You give more. They go away for a while. You hear from them from time to time. They never ask about you. They don’t even really listen when you just tell them anyhow. The conversation inevitably travels back to them & they’re needing a hand-out. This time you see it. You politely disagree. They disappear.

You fall on hard times and call out for help. You call all the leeches for help. Not a single one comes out of the woodwork to repay that moral (financial) debt they owe you. The story is always the same. They’re always worse off than you.

I’m tired of the fucking leeches in my life. I’m done with the lies, the cheating, the back-stabbing, the hypocrisy, the faithlessness, the stories, the excuses, the stealing. I am done and will not put up with any more of it. I won’t give anymore chances. I no longer have the patience or stamina to deal with any low-life in my world. I don’t care if you own the most expensive car & live in the mansion on the hill, if you are immoral & ugly on the inside go find someone new to suck blood from. That’s all you know how to do anyway. Riding on someone else’s back. You’ll never dig your way out of your rut. Ever. I think you’re right where you belong. In fact, I know it.    

4 responses to “leech”

  1. I just spent the weekend visiting a few friends who I have know since at least 1985. They are my family of choice. Even with these long term friends there are boundaries with the relationships.

    None of the people I spent time with have been financially strapped, so there wasn’t a give and take there like you described. Emotionally I am very much in their debt.

    This is more of a sharing then a direct comment. I hope that is ok.


  2. Bravo!…it’s about fucking time…you do not deserve
    leeches in your life….you were right to be loved and cherished…that’s what you need…and is what you deserve, nothing less…from no one…

    (((((( relentless )))))))


  3. Hypocrisy is your life. I seem to remember some very close friends of yours online needing you as a friend but you abandoned them. You needed us to help you pull through your hard times and then you dropped us all.


  4. There are still some of us (all be they distant and relatively unfamiliar) who value your friendship unconditionally. You’re yet to ask them for help.

    Don’t post this one 😉

    Take care and KEEP WRITING!



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