Life is GOOD!

Ahhhhhh…I feel much better now.

I do NOT like feeling and thinking negatively. It snuck up on me this time. I didn’t realize how resentful & bitter I am to those leeches. I am too nice to ever talk to them and let them know I am bothered before my frustration boils over. I don’t want THEM to feel bad because I feel like they’re using me so I never say anything to them. 


HA! Not anymore!


I’m just as special as anyone else

and I no longer give a fuck if I have you in my life or not.

I’m treating myself just as well as I’ve been treating the leeches in my life from now on.

And it’s about fucking time!


4 responses to “Life is GOOD!”

  1. hi there…i just happened to chance upon yr blog.yup, u are worth it and special. Don’t let anyone ruin yr life =)

    take care..will be reading yr blog if u don’t mind


  2. always felt that If ya did the rite thing…..then your karma is safe….



  3. whoop! (((((( relentless )))))


  4. You’re such a fucking wall flower. One of these days you’ll actually have the balls to say what you mean. 😉

    Love your work babe!

    U no hoo



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