This is what I am thankful for today…

1.) The 15 years spent with my ex-husband, honing my skills as a woman, mother, wife, lover and friend.

2.) Recognizing how precious I am by seeing the errors others make.

3.) Recognizing how rare I am by observing the masses of negative, close-minded individuals.

4.) Knowing that I am deserving of respect, love and appreciation because I give it unconditionally until it is no longer deserved.

5.) Living by The Golden Rule…every single day. Effortlessly.

3 responses to “This is what I am thankful for today…”

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  2. Relentless take a look at my website and read my poems. Might help hon.
    Will make you laugh and cry.
    My heart gos out to anyone in distress and i care about people.

    GodBless Dave


  3. Your on track baby….the secret to life is in giving…because in giving we receive…

    the ultimate independence…is to depend on our fellow humans….think about it….

    (((((( xoxox )))))))

    love and cherish…the only way….


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