why, why, WHY?

Why is it that when a woman initiates a conversation with a man, he usually sees it as if she is flirting with him?

Why is it that men automatically assume if you do flirt with them that they are going to get lucky?

9 responses to “why, why, WHY?”

  1. You mean I have read all the way to here and I am not going to get lucky šŸ˜¦


  2. Well well well,
    Such hostility HP. Are you sure its not you thats taking roids? I am very aware of my lack of ability to express myself with big words. My father was an english teacher by the way. Guess I did’nt listen much huh. About the prozac , I don’t use. They are for people that are to weak in the mind to control themselves. I don’t have that problem. You sure do get excited easy and I think its funny what you have to say but can’t you leave out the” keep your mouth shut” phrases . I really don’t like being talked to that way. The male enhancements thing was pretty funny and there could be some truth to it, who knows. I’ll explore that. Besides all that I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a happy New Year. By the way, I don’t take any drugs to grow. I am the way I am natural. WOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!


  3. Totally off topic and one of those comments (as are they all) that you can post or not. More for you than your readers.

    I consider that blogs afford the writer an opportunity to share their opinions, thoughts, goals, fears or general rantings in a relatively safe and anonymous way. They allow the writer to share as much or as little of themselves as they feel comfortable. And, if they are in the public arena, they invite comment.

    In my opinion the ones worth reading give some small insight into the author’s life or personality. They ask questions, provide answers or simply offer a point of view. But most importantly the content, be it naive, informed, irreverent, spontaneous, thought out, banal or extraordinary is a true reflection of the author’s thoughts.

    This is only possible when the writer feels empowered enough to express themselves honestly, without undue pressure. Not stymied by external influence.

    I believe that HP’s initial comments are valid. Not necessarily because I agree with them but because he expressed how he felt at the time of the conversations, particularly his feelings of abandonment. He’s also astute enough to point out that the experience was uniquely his. Moreover I believe that your response is equally valid. Not only because you apologised (an indication of good breeding šŸ˜‰ ) but because you acknowledged and honestly shared less than perfect aspects of yourself and was, in my opinion, meaningful.

    I’d like to think that I was able to apologise when someone thought that I had wronged them. I consider that ability to be a strength rather than a weakness. I would also like to think that my partner knew me well enough and had enough confidence in me to know that I was able to accept and deal with negative feedback from others all the time knowing that my partner had by back on those occasions when I couldn’t.

    TC šŸ˜‰



  4. Wow Hepa, I admire your passion for your lady – comes through loud and clear, and its very admirable. I did miss the part where you had something thoughful and intelligent to say though – maybe I should read it again………nope, still not there. Take a few less roids and few more prozac (maybe some male enhancement too – you seem to be overcompensating for something) and it will all be better soon. Or, you could keep your sophmoric banter and character attacks to yourself, and your mouth shut until you had something intelligent to contribute about the subject – oh wait, then you might not ever contribute….hmmmmm. No wonder relentless seeks this medium as an outlet for spirited thought provoking conversation. WOOOOOOOOOOOOP!

    Relentless – thank you. My perspective wasn’t offered as an insult, but a challenge. Some might call that a fine line, but with me there is a huge distinction. Back on subject: In the end, and given enough time, I think we all find what we looked for – but I know for me, that isn’t always what I thought it would be. Over time I’ve learned to ask myself how much I had to do with the result, and most times, I was unknowingly the main cause. That said, you’re a beautiful, intelligent, and obviously sensual lady – maybe it comes with the territory.


  5. Who cares what HP thinks of you. Don’t say your sorry to some jackass that got his little feelers hurt. Your not that important HP and you have who relentless is all twisted. She is the most caring and loving woman that I have ever known. She has never disrespected any one on purpose. So stop crying like a little girl that had her toy taken. Your so sensitive. LMFAO!!! WOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!


  6. Thank you for your insight HP. I know that I am easily distracted. Half the time when I am chatting online I have far too many conversations going and tend to regret not being able to stick with the ones that challenge my thoughts. I fall easily into goofing off. I appreciate you speaking up and letting me know that even if I tell myself the person I was in a conversation with really didn’t care if I continued my side or not, that might not be true all the time. I never categorized myself as self-centered. Perhaps I was in a bitchy mood that day? I apologize for leaving you with such a negative impression of me. I will take what you’ve said & be more aware of my actions from now on. Thanks HP! šŸ™‚


  7. _____,

    Hmmmmm……. Your perspective might be a little one-sided, lacking any real empathy. What does that mean??? Maybe it was bad timing, but we’ve had a couple conversations, and neither was about sex – I say conversations, but use the word lightly – it was a struggle at best. You seemed interested, as long as we were talking about you, and anything but once the conversation wandered from your center-point. The last conversation you became distracted, and soon after lost articles of clothing (on cam) – not departing the conversation which would have been courteous, but completely abandoning it. Now maybe my experience is the exception and not the rule – I don’t know, its just one person’s experience – uniquely mine.

    When you criticize men by saying “…the lasting impression I’ve gotten from men initiating a conversation with me is they wanted in my pants.” – I find it doubly ironic, because I did nothing of the sort, and was abandoned so that you could spend captured time with someone who obviously was.

    So while you paint all men’s character with a brush the size of texas, might I suggest you review your own motivations for conversation in the first place. It might just be that the conversations you criticize are the very ones that you promote. A little empathy for the other person at the other end of the conversation might provide a different result – but I’m not sure that’s what you really want.



  8. I think you hit the nail on the head.

    In my opinion, from my experience…the lasting impression I’ve gotten from men initiating a conversation with me is they wanted in my pants. I know that is obviously not every mans intention. But the ones who are just being friendly are few and far between.

    I think it is unfair, unfortunate, and shows a womans weakness when she can’t shut up long enough to listen to a man toot his own horn now & then. It’s the bitter man-haters that are the loudest and they seem to flock together because to them, negativity is fun.

    I agree with you on the online friendship dynamic. It’s nearly impossible to maintain a long-term friendship solely online. Because you tend to learn more things about a person in a much shorter time-frame (or seem to progress through to more intimate topics faster) … the friendship comes to an end, or stalls a lot quicker. But the friendships I’ve made online that have lasted seem to all have one thing in common – the topic of sex rarely comes up and when it does it’s more informative and thought-provoking opposed to arousing.
    People tend to gravitate towards others with similar intellect. Sex is the one topic we all can discuss because ya don’t need to be real bright or have a degree or be up on current events to be a part of the conversation.




  9. Hmmm … let me play Devil’s Advocate for a minute … why is it that many (notice how I didn’t generalise?) women suspect that the only reason a man initiates contact with them is to get lucky?

    Why, as is my experience, are there so many double standards? Where women are free to say and do as they please (in this context) and be seen as assertive, self confident and forthright when men are considered to be rude, arrogant or lecherous for saying or doing the same thing?

    When in comes to the internet it’s been my experience that most friendships are based on one person meeting the other’s immediate needs until someone “better” or “more appealing” comes along. With this in mind I’m not surprised that many (even most) of us try to get as much as possible as quickly as possible before that someone better steals our limelight … just a thought.

    TC šŸ˜‰



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