Women and marriage

I got married way too young. I thought at the time that it was the right & natural next step to my long-term relationship. I was too young to ever think that, perhaps I was just settling for what was easiest. I never expected to feel as if I totally gave up who I was and could have become had I not become a wife & mother so early.

In my experience and from what I’ve seen from other young brides/mothers is they enter into matrimony as a beautiful, healthy, intelligent, spunky young woman just to metamorphose into just the opposite after the babies come and the husband isn’t as attentive as he used to be. It’s almost as if women (and sometimes men) let themselves go because they no longer have to attract a partner.

Not all women do this. I’ve seen a lot of women flourish after they’ve become a wife & mother. But I always wonder, are they faking it and are really just miserable and dealing with the choice they made? Afraid to make a change that will make them happy yet break up a family? Maybe it all depends on at what age you decide to settle down?

The mixing of an unhappy wife and an unattentive husband (or vice versus) is the recipe for infidelity. In my opinion. But once it gets to the point where you no longer care about yourself enough to save the relationship from the inevitable – is there a way that somehow it can be saved? I just wonder how many people have been through this or something similar? How did they fare?

One response to “Women and marriage”

  1. Well once again your right on with this one..you describe what now seems to be the norm rather than the exception…and that is so sad…I believe the root of many of the problems of today can be attributed to your analysis..((relentless))


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