Alone for the Holidays, again.

How often in one’s life do they go from having someone there everyday to having no one there at all? This is the only time I can count it’s happened to me.

I thought I was ready to move to the next level with my boyfriend and have him move in with me. But after spending about a week traveling with him & his son I realized I wasn’t ready to take on such a huge change right now. In turn, he decided we’d be better off not continuing our relationship at all. I didn’t argue because I am not going to force someone to stay in a relationship that no longer will work for them the way they want.

Now I’m here alone stuck in my void. I’ve lost all my friends. Including him, who was my best friend for nearly a year. I have no desire to turn to the internet to find love. I have no intererst in calling my old friends who’ve all turned their back on me. I know eventually I’ll make a new circle of friends, but that’ll take time. I’m trying not to let any depression sink into my chest.

Now what’s in the foreground are my 2 daughters. They’ve become my focus. Making the best Christmas for them that I can manage is most important to me. The people that I matter to most will recognize my involvement in life again & join me and stand by me once again. Until then, this is my time to really be alone & survive in my own way. I’m no good right now, anyhow.

Happy Holidays!  

11 responses to “Alone for the Holidays, again.”

  1. Turned *MY* back? Really?


  2. Hi, relentless, sorry to hear about this.
    We are from The Netherlands and seen you alot on Jmeeting.
    We like what you show, thanks for that.

    now that is priceless .. how little chages .. lol


  3. Hi, relentless, sorry to hear about this.
    We are from The Netherlands and seen you alot on Jmeeting.
    We like what you show, thanks for that.
    There are friends to be found everywhere and we mean true friends.
    So keep your ead up.

    Happy holidays for you and your daughters.


    Frank & Marion


  4. I think Christmas Day was the lonliest I’ve had in a long while as well, so let’s welcome each other to our respective worlds.

    I can say I understand and really mean it.

    I had just broken up with my girlfriend of 15 years.

    I know the thought you’re having…”!5 years???? You must be joking”

    Without going into the details at the moment….just take my word for it.

    The major redeeming event was of course, spending some of the evening over at the Kid’s (Son and Daughter) Mother’s place.

    We all get on very well so that redeemed the day to a large extent.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you were not alone in feeling the pain of being solitary.

    Take it easy….or just take it!


  5. I am still here all you have to do is reachout to me! I wub yah! Never gonna not be around!!


  6. hope you and your daughters have a very Merry Christmas- i have enjoyed seeing your cam and hope to continue to do so

    if we weren’t so far apart- i would love to get you riding the Harley- never know – could be a good thing


  7. Hi sweet relentless
    All i can say is that you are an amazing woman and i bet you soon will turn up on this situation. I love to see you on Jmeeting. I hope your 2 daughters can be like their mom… Best wishes for your Christmas.
    Sorry for my english. A fan of you…forever.


  8. Its hard to believe that someone as beautiful and sweet and fun loving as you would be alone for the holidays ar for any matter of time. If your boyfriend cant understand what you are feeling about the change involved with him moving in then you are probably better off. Enjoy life and the holidays with your daughters because they will always be there and so will the friends and viewers on jm


  9. Sorry to hear things are down for you at this time. If they were real friends they would still be here for you. You have your daughters and that is the most important thing.
    Love will find you when you least expect it.


  10. Happy Holidays to you Relentless, and your daughters. At least you have them.

    Not all your friends have been lost…I will remain your friend for life..

    So include me in your new circule of friends…2008 will bring you abundant harvest.

    (((((( relentless ))))))


  11. Friends come and go, but family is the glue that keeps our spirit and psyche’s going.


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