I think I heard a pin drop

I haven’t written much lately. The holidays were exhausting but so great this year. I was able to have the people I care about most with me to celebrate. Now that the new year has started I have a whole list of new goals in front of me. I am mostly enthusiastic about them. Some more than others. Either way…I’m grateful for 2007 not being as tough on me emotionally as 2006 was and I hope that trend continues through 2008. One of my goals is to take a better hold of my destiny so that things will continue to improve in my life & my soul. I’m happy deep down inside and I want to see that happiness when I look into the mirror. On a lighter note…check out this clip I grabbed from a video I took. Can you see something odd happen in the last  3-5 seconds? (Look towards the light in the hallway)  

I let my cam record while I left my house for about 20 minutes and when I watched the video after I got back I thought I saw the cabinet door (in the hallway where the bright light is) crack open & at the same time it looks to me as if the lighting changed. My problem now is I’ve been watching the clip over & over & I’m seeing all sorts of optical illusions so I think I need some help with coming up with a conclusion. Does the cabinet door crack open? Does the lighting change at the same moment? Do you see anything else suspicious in the clip? (no one was in the house during this portion of the full video) So? Huh? Huh? hehehe

 *No, this is not a practical joke. There is no right or wrong answer. The conclusion is really unimportant. I just wanted proof that I am not seeing things – or proof that I am. Can anyone validate or reject what I think I’ve seen? :-)*

4 responses to “I think I heard a pin drop”

  1. ALl I can see is that you’re too lazy to make your bed


  2. yep Relentless….sure looks like a shadow from something. Get a BIIIIIGG dog. lmao


  3. damn would you send me some of them mushrooms….((( relentless )))


  4. hi it does look like there is some movement like a dark line


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