Today I…

…patched holes in walls around the house.

…finished all my painting (except for a little more cut-in) of color ONE.

…made no headway whatsoever on the laundry.

…was 2 minutes late getting to school.

…sent out my resume.

…e-mailed someone selling their french door for it’s statistics.

…had a nap.

…stared off into space a couple times for too long.

…watched people I don’t know on webcam.

…got into an argument with hepa.

…made up with hepa.

…called my attorney.

…reheated my day old cup of coffee 3 times.

…smoked too many cigarettes.

…went to the bank.

…took my daughters for ice cream.

…reflected on my life.

Tomorrow I plan to…


…decide on color #TWO.

…see hepa.

2 responses to “Today I…”

  1. Hi again, thanks for your email. I’m glad that you’re curious. I responded to your email to see if it would go through. I didn’t get the delivery failure notice so I tried re-forwarding my original message. Alas it was once again returned / failed.


  2. My message to your email address listed here keeps getting returned to me as undeliverable. We have so much in common I’d like to chat with you!


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