I wanted to remind all the guys (and gals) that today is obviously Valentine’s Day. No matter how convincing she is, she really does want flowers, chocolates, a stuffed teddy bear, diamonds and/or a weekend away to have kinky sex with you. Don’t go to see her empty handed. And ladies, the male equivalent to Valentine’s Day is one month from now. If you haven’t heard of it yet, let me enlighten you.
Steak & BJ Day is on March 14th. 
Remember, men are simple. They want food and a blowjob. So this is the day that guys have the opportunity to show your girl how much she means to you (which in turn will determine the quality of your meal and your blowjob one month from now). TeeHeeHee!

2 responses to “I LOVE YOU!”

  1. see you on the 14th…lol


  2. I think I can safely speak for all men when I say we would like to subscribe to a friendly relentless reminder via cell phone calls or text messages. When can we get something like that started??? Take care!


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