Spring Cleaning

I’m sweeping up and trimming loose ends on my blog. I had several things I had written that were floating out on some page that I set up when I first made the blog and wasn’t sure how to configure everything yet. But I think I’ve straightened it all out now.

Here’s the contents, I think:

    • Home/One: Welcome page, site navigation.
      • Two: New posts.
        • Three: Not sure what will go on this page still.
          • Four: About the author
            • Five: Pictures and Guestbook
              • Six: Password protected erotica (please send me an e-mail @ relentless@relentlesscentral.com -or- contact me on JM for the password. I am just trying to avoid any immature eyes from seeing things they shouldn’t see.)

                So, please bare with me while I move things around here. I’m sure once I am satisfied with the way I organize things it will be much simpler to wander through. Thanks! 🙂

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