When do you know it’s time to fold? Is it just as simple as calling it quits when you are no longer feeling that you are appreciated? Or should you call it quits when the person you’re with meets with others behind your back? Perhaps the two are related?
I’ve never done well with change. Especially when the change has to do with my relationships. In the past I just swallowed my pride & stayed right where I was. I don’t want to get into a bad situation where I give up who I am just to avoid being alone or hurting someone else. I’ve always just absorbed the pain. Now I’ve gotten to where I’m not so sure if I hurt because of my choices or if the pain comes from things other people have laid on me. 
I want to be happy. I want the person I am with to be happy and I will do anything to keep them smiling. Including hurting myself. When I flip the table, if I think of someone doing that for me it makes me sad because I’ve never been with a person that felt that strongly for me. Especially nowadays. Dating someone my age opposed to dating when you’re 18-19-20…is very different. The older you become the more set in your ways you are and it’s very hard to find someone who you see eye-to-eye with.
So I’m just never sure if I’ve over-stayed my welcome or if I’m being overly sensitive and needy. Perhaps I am.

2 responses to “when”

  1. If you feel like that then leave him!!!!!!


  2. Hey ya old tart! You gettin’ any?

    What’s happening in that purdy lil’ head of yours? That you have to ask yourself these questions yells “DANGER WILL ROBINSON” and you know it.

    Sure, you’re insecure (with good reason but build a bridge), probably fragile and definately gun shy (once again with good reason) but please!! Though relationships require compromise they should only be entered into because the person; who they are “now”, what they do and how they do it makes you both happy (and vice versa). I work on the HILL priciple … Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Love. All of the above … not some of the above.

    Here endeth the lesson.

    Say G’day to that bald headed bastard for me 😉

    TC … E xx

    PS: Do you have the time to check out a few things for me in CA and email me back?

    PSS: Feel free to censor, edit delete etc the above.


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