r e s p o n s i b i l i t y

Now that almost two weeks have passed…I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who offered your opinion and advice in my previous post (“Are you smellin what I’m steppin in”). The situation kinda worked itself out. I ended up not pressing charges and I didn’t pull a restraining order on my brother. He actually went to the police department on Sunday to talk to the deputy that came that night to my house to take my report. The deputy came to my house again the day after he talked with my brother. The deputy basically said that if I were to continue to press charges that the case would likely just be dismissed by the District Attorney since it’s a sibling rivalry. He also added that the allegations my brother was making would be brought up too so I just told him to drop it.

My daughters cell phone was replaced by grandma. Nothing happened to cousin jealous. I used the situation as a lesson for both my daughters about being responsible for their own actions. Had my daughter not antagonized her cousin she and her dad would not have come to our house that night. Their reaction to her being a bully was not her fault, but she should have known who she was poking the fun at and not let it go that far. What my brother did is wrong. My mom talked to him a few days after that night & he was boasting about how he got me back. So I wanted to know what exactly was he wanting to get me back for? My mom simply said, “you were born”.

He’s got issues that will never go away, no matter how nice I am, no matter what I do or say. He’ll never just live & let live. Just by me living, he builds more resentment towards me and he’ll continue these stupid temper tantrums until I’m either dead, he’s dead or some other tragedy happens. I’m through trying. I’ve been through for a while now. I think it may be sinking in to him that I meant what I said 6 months ago. He’s dead to me.

2 responses to “r e s p o n s i b i l i t y”

  1. i agree with E
    all the best


  2. Hi R!

    All is as it should be.

    What matters is that YOU can go to sleep at night knowing that YOUR conscience is clear and that YOU did YOUR best today.

    Whilst we, as interested observers, can offer possible alternatives, personal insights and opinions you are ultimately responsible for your actions/reactions. We’re all too often swayed by those negative ones around us whose motives are self serving.

    TC … E xx


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