Uncle Fuckwad

I just heard that Cousin Jealous called my daughter and apologized for treating her the way she did. My daughter, in turn apologized for her part in it as well.

We’re still staying away from them. They’re still never going to be welcome in my life. Because it’s never going to be over. He’s done this crap so many times in the past and it always ended the same. He’d apologize, give me a little attention and I’d open my heart & my life again to him and soon after I did, I’d be burned. What’s that one rule? When you’re not getting the desired results out of something you’re doing it’s maybe time to try something new. LIKE GIVE THE FUCK UP!

6 responses to “Uncle Fuckwad”

  1. hi glad the little one have kind of worked it out they never should be pulled into our sh*t


  2. something as extreme as “go find a new mother” is probably fun to say but leaves one in an impossible quandry. after all, she cant really stop being his mother and he cant really find another. so they both are gonna fail at that challenge at some point.

    though, the prospect of a bunch of fuckwad flunky sons, doing urban challenges for a new mother, could make for one fucking hysterical reality series.

    ok. this challenge. is an elimination challenge. each of you fuckhead 40 year old orphans are doing what we call, the ensure challenge. whoever can can get the best price on liquid diet supplements, pick it up at the store, and stock it in this womans cupboards, wins. points will be deducted for complaining, calling the woman a helpless bitch or suggesting that her own children, especially those less lazy than you, should do the task, which is an automatic expulsion from the competition. GO you fuckheads!


  3. This time around she has…at least so far. She’s still sticking to her word, she told him what he did was wrong and she had had it with him once & for all and told him to find a new mother because she won’t be her anymore.

    I am actually surprised that she’s lasted as long as she has. Normally by this time she’s buddies with him and I’m the one left out because I don’t give in to it. She’s actually causing some new trouble already. With his family. So, it’s only a matter of time before something happens. I’m laying low. But not lowly.


  4. hey, is the grandma changing her responses to the twitfuck uncleson? how does that little dynamic play out. i know she made the comment about your biggest offense being birth. but does she have your back as you hold your ground?


  5. SF ME,

    I love your comment! You are absolutely right! I’m the one that has decided to not give in to his temper tantrums anymore and from that I imagine they’ll get worse until it gets better. If ever.

    He didn’t apologize…his daughter did. And she is less to blame for it than he is.

    Thank you for your comment even if you think it was harsh because you’re having a bad day. It makes me feel better and I hope it helped you get some of that frustration out. 🙂


  6. Hang on. I am confused. So the cousin called and apologized, and the dad/brother/uncle aint done shit about his part in it all? or he has?

    God. Its amazing to me how people compartmentalize various forms of abuse. we all do it. whether we are the victims, perps, or just a witness.

    i am sure the asscat is thinking that since all he did was pitch a fit and break some shit and annoy people, and he didnt actually burn down a school full of children, that its no big deal.

    or worse. since he has been forgiven for lesser shit, its YOUR problem for not forgiving this. to this ass, YOUR inconsistency is a greater abuse than his shittiness.

    see. it’s not his fault. he was just being his true and consistent self while you are changing.


    this caught me on a bad day.


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