His fantasy

The recent news about that raid at that polygamist compound in Texas states that 463 children were removed. Of those 463 children were 53 girls between the age of 14 and 17. They’ve discovered 31 of those girls are either pregnant or have already given birth to a child of their own.

Not too long ago I wrote about a person having a kinky sexual appetite. This group of people is a perfect example of one persons kink gone way way WAY too far. This sect in Texas was merely a haven for men and women to live out their sexual fantasies of domination, submission, slavery and pedophilia. I mean, it’s one thing to live out your life as a Master/Mistress/Sir/Madam/Lord/Lady (or any other title you like) or as a slave/submissive/pet/fucktoy (whatever floats yer boat) as long as theres no permanent damage to ones psyche and both parties are adults. Including children is just fucking wrong. Exposing those kids to what they were exposed to in that place only secured the creators fantasy to continue long into the future. Those poor kids think that is how it’s supposed to be.

I was exposed to pornographic images when I was very young and I know for a fact that had I not witnessed what I did when I did my thought’s regarding sex would not be as they are now. I’ve only recently begun to recognize how truly damaging it was to have seen what I did…and who knows what more I saw that I may be blocking out. And I have a feeling there was more.

The story about that sect in Texas fascinates me. The women who lived there shared the bed of a man who openly shared his bed with dozens of other women…and they were OK with it. But how in the world could a mother ever allow her child to be violated by any man willingly? Those women are all just as guilty as the men. I would imagine that those mothers were all raised in the same type of way as they were raising the children.

Nearly 500 children removed. Now how do those kids ever heal from being in a cult like that and live ‘normal’ lives? In a way, they’re better off putting those kids back there and loading ALL of the members up and sending them all off to an island to live out their lives separately so their ideas don’t infect other people, just like the government did with the lepers in the 1800’s. Those men and women purposely raised future rapists, pedophiles, serial killers and they don’t even realize how morally/legally/socially wrong they are and the damage they’ve done for the future. Those poor kids.

3 responses to “His fantasy”

  1. http://tantalism.org/….scroll down to the blog regarding the Harem….enjoy


  2. Well put relentless….there are too many hurting adults out there in the world because of what happened in there formative years…we scream for our freedom in this country, and feel we can do whatever we want….the bent is “as long as we hurt no else” well fact of the matter is we never who, and how we hurt the rest of our fellow humans…especially the young and inoccent…God help us all….


  3. Unfortunately, you’re right. To say that it’s damaging is truely an understatement. It’s really imagine that people in that power of authority cannot fathom the chronic suffering that those children will most likely endure. It will be a blessing if they can ever trust another person with their entire body instead of guarding their heart. I can only slightly relate. My heart goes out to them, and you, for having to block out memories that weren’t by your choice.


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