pet peeves

pet peeve –noun a particular and often continual annoyance.

Don’t you hate when you are having dinner with someone and they smack when they chew their food? Or scrape their fork/knife wrong on the plate? Or hold the utensils all wrong?

What about a persons voice? Or the things they say? I can’t stand it when I’m talking with someone and the conversation is all about them. How their day was. What they did. What they didn’t do. Who they saw. Never once asking about me or my life. Even something as simple as ‘how are you?’ is too hard for them to remember. Makes ya wonder. Or, if by chance they do ask, you can tell they didn’t even hear your answer.

I can’t stand when people eat something and don’t pick up after themselves.

I can’t stand a shower/bath that is filthy.

I hate having to repeat myself over & over.

I hate this annoying sound my daughter makes with her mouth. It sounds like a cat being run over slowly by a car.

I can’t stand people arguing.

I hate discussing politics.

I cannot stand typos.

I cannot stand misspelled words.

I can’t stand when people use incorrect grammar.

I’m overly annoyed by children, especially if they’re loud.

I blame my mom for all these wonderful pet peeves I have. I can almost hear her voice in my head constantly correcting everyone around her.  She means well and because of her I know how to correctly pronounce nuclear.

People who drag their feet/shoes when they walk.

People that say “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less”. Can you care less? No, you couldn’t care less!  I mean, come on! Sheesh.

Well, now that I’ve annoyed myself enough to get a headache thinking about all these annoyances…I’d like to say…

Hav uh grate weaknd peepol!



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