Today I just feel good! It’s as if the sun is shining just for me. The radio is only playing the songs I like. I’m smiling and everyone is smiling back. The troubles I have are smoothing out. Everything seems to be just right. I don’t feel like staying inside today. Today life is good! 🙂

Hey look! The blog is just about to hit 200,000 views! (Wish I had a buck for …) Thanks clickers! 😉

5 responses to “TGIF”

  1. How ya been friend??? Friday has been long gone, but it is nice outside! Take care!!!


  2. Can’t wad up a thong!

    You’re cruel but funny as all hell!

    Yeah, there’s a visual I can recall whenever I need a good belly laugh. If I promise not to post it on every free site that I know (and some not so free ones) will you send me a pic?



  3. Don’t get yer panties all in such a wad! It’s only a small spelling error…and besides, you and I are the only ones to read this blog anyway. If you would have just stayed quiet about the dang typo no one would have even noticed, well…except for me. I have nothing better to do sitting up here near the front of the bus with my helmet and bib on…drooling. LMFAO! How’s that for a visual?


  4. You’re just plain cruel!


  5. Hey look at that. New day new attitude. It’s amazing what a little sunshine and positive thinking can do. Who would have thunk it! 😉

    Another seat closer to the front for my dippy friend. Hell they’ll be letting you off tribe bus soon!



    ps: I tried hitting refresh a few times but it didn’t tick over to 200k. It’s the thought that counts though right?


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