Poll time

So, you and your partner get into a fight…

you think you find something they were hiding from you and you confront them.

They deny it but it’s quite obvious it’s as bad as it looks (at least in your mind).

You are hurt by the information, but they continue to insist it’s not what you think it is.

You want to believe them and drop the subject for the time being to avoid causing a bigger problem.

Some time passes, maybe an hour.

They feel frisky and try to get a little.

You deny them.

They get angry & tell you to get out.

You leave.

My question is … should someone apologize for something they don’t feel they are guilty of, but nonetheless, the other person was hurt by the way the situation was handled?

Your answers are completely anonymous

12 responses to “Poll time”

  1. Craig,
    Thank you for your comment. How did you know I look under my bed routinely? And I have enough mirrors around my house to accommodate a whole neighborhood’s self reflection. Problem is, finding the courage/strength to do something about it.
    Thanks again.


  2. People who look under the bed have hidden there themselves.
    Maybe self reflection first….
    Are you really sure?


  3. Miss Relentless —

    if i had not done something wrong, then i would not issue an apology for that. it would be false. but if i had handled the situation badly — and, big if, if i was aware i had mishandled it — then i would definitely apologize for that.


  4. Thank you for all of your messages on this. I agree with the majority and feel that even if I did something that hurt another person but I don’t feel what I did was necessarily wrong, that I would apologize to them for causing their pain. That’s just me. Obviously not everyone agrees and I don’t expect them to. But I also don’t have to have them in my life either.

    Have a great day! 🙂


  5. Anger creates the wrong atmosphere for a discussion. Rule 1: Never go to bed angry.
    Rule 2. Stop using sex as a weapon. In my eyes it’s the icing on the cake in love, not to make up or to distract you.
    good luck.


  6. Yes I would apologize for any misunderstanding between myself and my partner…


  7. You’re very welcome. I wish you the best. xoxo


  8. You must be strong in a situation like this, though that’s much easier said than done. If you feel certain that the other party did indeed do something they shouldn’t have, then stick with your instincts and don’t give in to that person if they become frisky. I don’t know the severity of the situation you’re referring to, but if you do in fact give in to the friskiness, when it’s over you’re still going to be hurt and angry. Making up can be both fun and gratifying, but depending on the situation at hand, you can still end up feeling empty. I divorced my wife a year ago so i’ve been through some b.s. in my time. And i’m not a psychologist, i’m just voicing my opinion. I can tell you’re no dummy Relent so i’m sure you’ll take the right course of action. Keep on keepin’ on.


  9. Hahahaha!!! Thank you Ben.

    Phil – even though you deny that you did anything wrong your partner is still hurt by the way you handled the situation. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough on that. Would you apologize then?


  10. I assume we are talking about teenagers ?


  11. Interesting…I would never apologize for something I did not do…that’s just wrong..


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