Fifty Million Dollars

Can you believe to build a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge it will cost $50,000,000.00!? And they are actually still considering it! Let them jump! If they want to die, let them!

An average of 20 people per year jump to their death off the Golden Gate. Since the bridge was built in 1937, approximately 1,500 people have died jumping off the bridge.

I say if they want to deter people from committing suicide they should put up posters of the previous jumpers mangled bodies. The 4 second fall has your body hit the 47 degree water at 88 miles per hour. Most have died on impact. Some survive only to be swept out to sea or eaten by the great whites that frequent the waters there. I still say…

let them jump.

I just heard they have raised the bridge toll once again. Six bucks to cross now. They’re broke. Again. Unbelievable.

3 responses to “Fifty Million Dollars”

  1. I say $50,000,000? split it up, and if you want to jump, write an essay on why life is soooo horrible that you just can’t live anymore. Do this once a month, roughly the number of people who jump each year, and award the winner $10,000. That’ll not only make the winners have less reason to jump, but it’ll also give the losers time to get counseling…. or maybe they all need counseling!!!


  2. yup let them jump…


  3. Well….here in beeyouteefull NYC if you want to get from Staten Island to Brooklyn it will cost you 10.00 US to cross the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. To go through any of the other bridges and tunnels into NYC it’s 8.00. People screamed when they raised the tolls and although they don’t have suicide barriers..hmm, just having to pay this much to go to work or visit might constitute a slow suicide, added to the cost of 4 and change petrol, it’s a slow death to be sure. We don’t hear of many people jumping off of the bridges and certainly not from the tunnels though they’re afraid of people blowing up these structures.


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