Baby duck

My daughters found an orphaned baby mallard duck a few weeks ago when they were boating with their dad. I had to keep it for a week while their dad was out of town.  We estimated that it was about a day old when they found it and it must have been the runt. It’s adorable and thankfully it’s going to be staying with their dad.

I was the kid that always brought home strays too. Even when they weren’t strays. All my neighbors knew that when their pet went missing to come look at my house for it. I’d always try to hide it too. It’s pretty cool kinda reliving that now with my own kids. Only now, I know what it’s like to be tied down with a pet and would rather not be bothered with it.

4 responses to “Baby duck”

  1. keep the duck.. y not.. after it gets big.. have roasted duck.. ive had duck before and its tastey.. call me ill bring the wine..


  2. AFLAC!!


  3. don’t you have a dog?


  4. you’re just a softie. we always adopted the birds that fell out of the trees around the house or the dog that wandered into the yard. sometimes i think when people wander into our lives, we take them in just because they wandered in for a purpose.


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