I have some creep that likes to peep through the fence dividing our yards whenever anyone is in my yard. Actually, I’ve caught two of my neighbors looking through or over the fence at me in the past several months. I confronted one of them and he said he had just come to see what my dog kept barking about. But my daughters told me he’s there anytime they go outside.

I have a gazebo over my hot tub that my dog goes on top of & she gets a birds-eye view of my yard. She’s up there right now barking hysterically in the direction of where my one peeping neighbor always is when I see him peeping. Now, I’m kinda perverted but to blatantly look over into someone else’s yard when they can see you is kinda more creepy than even I like to imagine. Why is he doing it? What is he hoping to see? There are only kids swimming in the pool and the dog running around so what is his deal? Should I call the cops? Confront him again? (I tried to confront him yesterday but he had already left when I climbed up to the fence line). How far is too far?

Well, he must be gone again…the dog stopped barking.

4 responses to “Neighbor”

  1. a lawn sprinkler turned on full might get him wet enough to send a little message. “oh sorry, didn’t know anyone was there.”


  2. You might need a longer lead on the dog, gets them both nose to nose, while you are nose to toes


  3. hmmm… when u have it.. flaunt it.. if he likes what he see’s… thats a good sign… u r desired.. its hard beeing beautiful 😉


  4. You do realize that this is a sure sign your readers are now moving in on your turf! I think that if it were me I’d go find the guys wife and be like “Hey, tell your husband if he is going to watch me sunbathe he offer to help put on the damn lotion!” They’ll be moved out by the end of the month!


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