My daughters & I made a last minute decision to go on vacation before school starts again. We’ll be leaving on Friday for Maui. This will be my 3rd trip to Hawaii since my separation and my first to Maui since we split.

It seems funny to me now that early last week I was feeling sorry for my ex-husband and wasn’t as excited to be going to Maui because of the memories I have of our many trips there together. But now, after sitting in on his deposition in our case a week ago I don’t feel anything but disgust for him.

I’m really looking forward to relaxing with my daughters by the pool, snorkeling in the ocean with them, taking them hiking up in the mountains, trying new foods and then coming home again with new memories without him in them. By that time my deposition will be coming and I’ll be refreshed and ready…and looking good in my tan.

4 responses to “Maui”

  1. how was the trip?.. did u take lots of pictures?.. how much was it if u don tmind me askin..


  2. hope you have a good time


  3. Bon voyage!!

    Have a blast 😉



  4. Enjoy the trip and spending time with your kids. There is a dirty comment that could be made from the picture above, but I’ll refrain. That is an awesome picture of a storm though. I love storms. I hate mobile web. I will have to tell you about this internship and how it will be the death of me. Speaking of storms, I had another dream. . . .


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