Go D Go!

My girls and I had a nice Christmas. We’ve decided to take a road trip this weekend, so we’re heading up for some fun in the Sierra Mountains. Since I traded my Mercedes in for a more practical AWD SUV we can go play in the snow and not worry about getting stuck.
Hey Steve, thank you for the wonderful Christmas gifts. That was very unexpected and so appreciated! You’re a great friend and I am sorry I missed the chance to meet you in person when you were here last. If I’m still not working come February, I may take you up on that offer once and for all. 🙂 Thanks again! xoxox
Anyway, I’m just about ready to head out…I’ll be online and you know where to find me if you want.

2 responses to “Go D Go!”

  1. How great is it to get away for a while. Explain what snow is again? lol

    Have a blast with the girls (hope they took a Koala, they NEVER get to see snow 😉 ).

    I’ll write more elsewhere but in the interim have fun & TC xx


  2. Hey gorgeous, have fun in the snow and drive safe!


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