Day #4

Well, Friday went better than I had  anticipated. I was finally able to find an assistant to help me with the Lone Ranger next door and I hired him on the spot. We got him turned right in his bed and all cleaned up again.

I’m really tired today. I am nodding off  while  I type  this.  I’ve already brought him his first meal which was just a quartered pear, 2 small bottles of orange juice and a pint of semi frozen milk. My assistant was here right on time and we got the tasks done fast. I still have laundry to do and later I’m having a friend come to install a light on his porch. The old light was broken and I just hadn’t gotten around to replacing it since I painted his house a few months ago. Now that I’m having to go in & out a lot at night, it’s just too dark and dangerous trying to walk up the steps into his house. I hope he doesn’t charge me anything for installing the light.

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