Meanwhile, back at the trailer park…

relentless (3/12/2009 9:49:15 PM): what is a tramp?

relentless (3/12/2009 9:49:21 PM): am I one?

Hepa (3/12/2009 9:49:35 PM): mine

relentless (3/12/2009 9:49:56 PM): men don’t marry tramps

Hepa (3/12/2009 9:50:09 PM): shut

relentless (3/12/2009 9:50:23 PM): go eat babe

relentless (3/12/2009 9:50:39 PM): i think i’m gonna shower

Hepa (3/12/2009 9:50:40 PM): women dont marry fat x cons

relentless (3/12/2009 9:50:48 PM): tramps do lol

Hepa (3/12/2009 9:51:17 PM): white trash !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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