When I went away to that funeral in Los Angeles my mom kept my daughter for me and said she would come check on my house and my cat while I was gone. My daughter has a key to get in. Since it’s a key that unlocks the back door, my daughter has to climb over the fence to go around back to let herself in. She told my mom that she would be right back. Once my daughter got inside she heard my mom at the front door already, asking her to open the door. My daughter told her she would be right out, that she didn’t need to come inside too. So my mom starts yelling at her to let her in. My daughter opens the door, plunks her purse (about the size of a small duffle bag and loaded full with enough stuff to last for a weekend getaway) down onto the floor and says to my daughter, “wanna snoop?” My daughter said, “ummm no”. My mom starts heading down the hallway towards my bedroom and my daughter stopped her and told her not to do that. Then my mom turned around and put my mail on my kitchen counter and asked if the cat was ok in a bitchy voice then they locked up & left.

Ok…I haven’t said anything to her yet and I’m not sure I will but WTF??? I am a grown woman and she’s asking MY daughter if she would like to snoop through her OWN house. My mom is a very bad influence and blatently tried to teach my daughter to disrespect me & my space by snooping. I can’t even believe she would ever even consider doing that to me.  I don’t go through my kids things. Maybe someday a NEED will come and I will have to but until then they have a right to some privacy. I don’t understand how my mom could ever think it was right of her to even suggest that. I’m not going to say anything to her until she tries to pull her crap on me. Which happens almost everyday…LOL.

3 responses to “WTF”

  1. Isn’t this the same Mom that showed you xxx porn when you where a young child? Maybe she is doing the same with your kids?


  2. Wow. That was a wild story. When I first started reading I thought that maybe your daughter was going to leave your mom outside. Then all of a sudden… I’m reading about Snoop Mommy Mom here. I don’t know how old she is… but she acts like a jealous boyfriend. Wow…


    1. Thank you! She’s 75! You’d think by 75 years old you know better than to dig through your family members drawers. Even my 13 year old daughter knew better. Sad.


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