One thing is for sure

Hepa and I fight a lot. We’re both very stubborn. We’re constantly arguing over who is right. We must  break up at least once a week. We both have a hard time trusting. We live too far apart and he needs to learn to just nod his head “yes” sometimes and just give in (that seemed to work well for my mom & dad haha).  Sometimes I wonder if we ever do anything right.

But out of all the fights we’ve had, there’s something we do get right and that’s sex.  It’s amazing how in one moment I feel like bashing him in the noggin with my purse full of coins and the next we’re fucking like cave people. I’ve never in my life experienced the intensity we share when we make love. It seems to make us forget all the arguments and name-calling that almost consumes the 5 days every week that we don’t see eachother. Living so far apart sucks. But the sex makes up for it. teeheehee!

2 responses to “One thing is for sure”

  1. Well if I had to tell it I would say that we have alot more then just sex. Don’t get me wrong the sex is like she says but I feel even though we fight like we do we both know that we have a love so strong for each other that there isn’t anything that will keep us apart. Baby I know i am slow to get it but believe it or not you have showed me that theres more to being a man then just Fucking. I love you with all of my heart and soul for being the beautiful person that you are and will continue to try and improve myself for our love. I love you D.


  2. I have figured it out. I’m not arguing enough!!!! It’s genius!!!! LOL (Lucky…..)


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