Double Standard

Ok, so there’s this couple…

They have been together about 2 years. They live an hour away from one another and only see each other on the weekends. During the week, they use their webcams to chat to each other to stay connected…but they also use their webcams to chat with other people as well. Is it wrong if she allows other men to view her cam while in a chat room? Men tend to say things to her that she normally would not hear in a bar or at the grocery store and sometimes she does things that she wouldn’t do in public on the webcam for the thrill of it. Is that something you would allow your woman to do with or without you watching?

On the other side of it, he loves to watch other women. Makes those comments to them that his girlfriend sees said about her. Also enjoys being watched. But doesn’t want anyone to watch his woman.

What is the right answer?

Should she stop what she’s doing and only allow him to view her on the cam? Should she censor her cam to appease him? If so, then shouldn’t he not be allowed to view other women on cam? If she can’t allow other men to look, then he shouldn’t be allowed to look at other women?

She doesn’t care, and actually enjoys if he is watched by others.

It’s tough having a relationship with someone on line and in real life because it’s too easy to just vanish during a heated conversation, leaving the other person to rot in their thoughts alone. You also have serious troubles with trust. People on line can be easy come easy go. You don’t have the face to face interaction and are less likely to become emotionally and physically dependent on their presence in your life. A person that doesn’t recognize that those things are a part of their online relationship, because they also have a real-life relationship together too, will make mistakes and take things for granted with the online relationship and it will foul their real-life bond. If their intent is pure for each other, it will work.

So, cam or no cam? Please vote.