Is it perverted of me…

…to want this?     *Free*

5 responses to “Is it perverted of me…”

  1. You sound very intersting alot of your blogs here remind me of my 30’s when affairs, divorce, revolving door of g/f’s, more affairs, teenage kids raised soley by myself,For a guy who grew up in a all boy house, and ended up with 2 girls. I learned alot about female mood swings, tampons, g-string underware, lots of temper tantrums from kids,how girls protect thier clothes even from sisters, and more life experiences even my best freind don’t know about. But through it all you couldn’t pay me any amount of money to go back and miss it. Now close to 50 with two beautiful 20 something daughters who have moved on in life and carving thier own path, finding love myself, remarrying, creating a whole new llife with no more affairs, I look back on life and can say I have done everything every guy could ever hope to do and accomplish, lived through it, found the path at the end, and live life today with absolutely no regrets. As much as life can stress you, enjoy it, one day before you can blink you will be close to 50 as I am and can reflect with no regrets as well. As the saying goes..don’t sweat the small stuff and what you have in most of your blogs is exactly that..enjoy


  2. Well I guess I’m not the only one who missed it. Care to share what it was or maybe you saved a copy of the pic. Been a fan for over 3 yrs. and If I were closer to SF I believe Hepa would beat the snot out of me. You see I can be relentless also and I think you are 12 and then some. I love your smile and you write so well I feel like I know you but sure would like to. You Rock


  3. It’s gone… does that mean you got it? All it said was that it was free. What was it???


  4. Must be really, since it was deleted! LOL


  5. Must be you have an erotic infatuation with stirrups ? lol


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