My teacher

Thank you for teaching me that things are not always what they seem. Sometimes we are not who we think we are. Until someone comes along and opens your eyes to something you hadn’t seen before, you don’t even know it was there all along. I thought I could handle it all. I tried and things seemed great. Then I slipped and fell. I didn’t know how it would ever get better. I felt your strength and your light relit mine. It was hard keeping it lit sometimes. First it was dim but you helped it grow. Some days it went out and you had to remind me that I needed to relight it and move on and I did. I thought I was smart. I thought I was better, but now I know I was wrong. I’m more aware now and it’s because of you. I learned that we pay for doing someone wrong and when someone does me wrong they will pay too. I still have a lot to learn and I know that. I want you there too. And you will be, even if only in my memories.

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