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  1. Mikey says:

    Congratulations… I know its been a long time coming, but youve earned it. Enjoy the freedom again my friend.

    Take care



  2. Enigmatik says:

    Congrats R!!

    Long time coming 😉




  3. steve says:

    Man oh man you’re preaching to the choir! LOL I believe the two strongest emotions I remember having with my ex wife was the first kiss we shared. It had such a dynamic range of feeling listening to Art of Noise in the dark with the windows raised so we could feel the cool breeze of a September storm. The other was when my ex wife held me as I cried so hard after our divorce was finalized. It was so exhaustive. But I’m with you. If anyone can learn from your blogs if there is ANY chance… try to work it out.

    The family is doing great! We have our little man, and he’s old enough to give little man hugs. He’s awesome, and my wife is a great mom. I’m learning to be a better dad, trying to help out and let her get out some when he’s not so clingy. But it is wonderful. Thanks for the sincere wishes!

    You take care of yourself. And anytime you need someone to listen… you know where I’m at. : )


  4. steve says:

    I’m confused. Congrats??


    1. Thank you. It’s bitter-sweet, I guess. It took 4 years to finalize it, so I’m glad it’s all settled but it’s sad to have to accept that the family unit will never be again. I have mourned the loss of the good years we had together as a family and I have let go of the bad one’s. I don’t wish divorce on anyone. I have learned a lot. Mainly, if there’s even the slightest bit of love left in you for the other person, tough out the hard times and stick together, if you can. Things are much harder on the other side. But honestly, in my case, I wouldn’t change a thing now.

      I hope you & your family are doing great!



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