Regret is like living your life always asking “what if?” What if I never met you? What if never had children? What if I said no instead of yes? Who cares now? I have nothing to regret. Every action & reaction I have made was made by my choice. I chose to stay in abusive relationships long enough to choose to get out of them. I chose to abuse myself long enough to choose not to anymore.

I’m not dead yet. I survived it so far. So I guess the choices I made, albeit not always legal or moral, have shaped me into the woman I am now.

Pain is so necessary. I believe if you never feel the pain of losing someone or something you love you will never learn who you are & what you really need & want. Just because it hurts doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth my time & emotional investment in it. Something better always comes out in the end. And it has. 🙂