I’m really angry

I’m really angry that you did all you did to ruin what we had. I’m really angry that I fell in love with someone that had no idea how to truly love me back. I’m really angry that I have to start all over again. I’m really angry that you lied & cheated and took me for granted. I’m really angry that I have to fulfill all the dreams we had together now by myself. Everything I wanted and will have someday won’t have you!

3 responses to “I’m really angry”

  1. Relentless… I have read your blog for years, hiding in the shadows and keeping quiet. I used to find myself wondering what I would say if I did comment on an entry of yours, and I finally have decided to just say this:

    What a pleasure it is to read something written by someone who knows how to write. What a thrill it is to be invited into your private moments, even the painful ones, to help you ease the pain. How exciting it is to read the skillfully written (and even more skillfully executed) exploits of such a beautiful person. I am sorry that you are in pain, but I hope sharing here helps. Know that you have fans who could be easily converted to friends if you need us. And, above all, keep up the great work. :^)


  2. Bummer


  3. I’m really sorry to hear you’re angry. Props to you for sharing something so tough. That’s very bold of you to share everything with us.


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