I wanted to add some points to the previous post on this subject.

I’ve personally been on all sides of this equation;

  • I’ve felt hurt knowing my partner chats with other women.
  • I’ve caused the hurt myself by chatting to other men.
  • I’ve physically cheated.
  • I’ve been cheated on.

Ok, so some think that by venturing out of the relationship and into cyber-space for chat with a virtual social network of friends, or even as far as one or two close cyber-friends, that this is considered cheating.  –  On one hand I can agree, IF my heart began to deceive the person I am with by developing deep feelings for the person online. I have had it happen. I fell hard for a guy I never met in real life. When it happened I took it as a sign that I was obviously not with the person I should be with. If your heart allows another person to take the place of your partner you’re in the wrong relationship to begin with. Yes, it’s cheating. So in that situation you’re more likely to share more intimate things with your cyber lover. Things that you should be sharing with your real-life partner to begin with.

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