Ok…I am convinced that there is not one person on Earth that doesn’t lie. I am convinced that the guys that really know how to fuck are the ones that can look you straight in the eyes and tell you they love you, that they are in love with you and that they only want/need you then just a few hours later you find them with another girl in their bed. In the end, fucking well was all they did right. I wonder…is this some sort of self-punishment or lack of respect for women and themselves? Or could it be they have to constantly feel wanted/appreciated and get that by belonging to several personals ads that all advertise the same thing yet never really REALLY wanting what your statistics claim you want…just using a few words that will lure in new pussy just to fuck then fuck over. Perhaps an addiction to that newness? Or maybe it’s an addiction to lust? Addiction to sex? Immaturity? All of the above?

I am such an understanding woman and for someone to have to lie to me about ANYTHING proves to me that they are too insecure and immature to stand up for their beliefs and will hide and lie about the path their on to avoid possible rejection and ridicule. Well, FUCK THAT! If I want to have my cake & eat it too everyone around me will know exactly my goal. That way they have the information to make an educated decision about the choices at hand if they continue the relationship. It’s the only way to have a relationship with any value.

Honesty. Integrity. Openness. Yeah, the truth hurts but it’s far worse when you’re lied to or have things hidden from you. It makes you question every person that has ever had any importance in your life. And needless to say, has you suspicious for all future relationships too.

Well…another lesson learned. Several actually. I’ll never bring a guy around my children until we are serious about our commitment to one another. If my dog growls at him even once…escort him out & bid him farewell. If he says he will call at a certain time and doesn’t and has some lame ass excuse for it – he’s cheating, move on. If he seems too good to be true, 30 other women are likely thinking the exact same thing at the exact same time about the exact same guy. Follow my instinct. Never allow him into my soul until he is worthy of it. Close my eyes and “see” how I feel about him. Eight months is too long to wait for proof of his character. His candid, pre-relationship answers to how he wants his life to travel are the ones to listen to. Don’t wait for proof he’s cheating…HE IS!

2 responses to “8/13/2007”

  1. There was a time I wanted to be one of those guys but have learned exactly just how empty empty sex can be and when the real thing comes along your so screwed in the head that you realize it much to late.


  2. This is the kind of thing I try to teach people. Can we count on a sequel?


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