Life is funny

Life is funny, I fall in love with men that treat me bad. I devote my entire existence to men that don’t care about who I am and I expect  more than they are capable of giving because…I don’t know why? Perhaps it’s my payback for things I’ve done in my past? Perhaps I am a poor judge of character? I’m turning 38 tomorrow and I feel I have finally given up on trying to fit the man I am with into the mold I have created in my mind as to who I think I want. I am at the point now where I am done trying to forgive, accept, suppress and I’m ready to stand up for what I want and need and what I believe in and won’t accept anything less. I deserve that. And so does he.

Happy birthday me. It’s about time you settled for nothing less than your wish.

3 responses to “Life is funny”

  1. Yeah …give up on men and invest in a big supply of batteries….you know what to do after that…wink wink


  2. Hi stranger. Happy birthday babe. We have lost touch with each other. Sorry to hear about things going south on you again. Hope to hear back soon.


  3. Here’s to an awesome year for you!!! You deserve the best! Thanks for sharing. I hope 38 is great to you : )


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