The drive into court is about an hour. About halfway through I had to stop to pee. I pull off the freeway and into the first gas station on the right. I park, go inside, greet the cashier with a friendly “good morning” as I pass him towards the restroom sign. As I approach the door, I see another sign that says “restrooms are for paying customers only”. I turn back towards the cashier who was proudly wearing a large white rag on his head. I ask if there is a key to the restroom and he rudely told me the restrooms are only for his paying customers, I just glared at him in disgust as I walked out the door. I got in my car and spun my tires all the way out of his station. Fuck that! I am sorry, but who the fuck do these people think they are? Ok, yes, I was raised by a German Nazi, but my whole life I never felt the way he did about the majority of people he hated. I understood my Fathers position and why he believed the way he did. I just didn’t think the same as he did, at least not until I got back into my car and really started to think about these people. Why is it that we let people like this own our service stations, why do our American companies hire them? The trucking lines? We are allowing them into our economy seemingly blind to what kind of harm these people can do to Americans. Yeah, I know, they’re not all bad. Or so they say. But really? Deny my right to take a piss at a gas station along the side of a major freeway unless I fucking buy something? FUCK YOU & YOUR STUPID RAG ON YOUR HEAD!

2 responses to “Racist”

  1. Your disgust is racist because you are racist. You do not have a right to piss in any business you want to. A business has a right to set their toilet use policy. If you want to piss away from use a public government owned rest room. I have seen these signs in many white owned businesses and I see it as a company policy and not a scheme to deprive one of a right to piss anywhere one wants to.


    1. You are absolutely right. I was so angry that day. I believe differently now. I guess my racism swings with my moods.


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