I’m so frustrated!

I’m so fucking frustrated! Every day it’s the same bullshit. My kids mean well and I do appreciate their help BUT it’s almost easier to do it all myself than to clean up their mess after they “CLEAN”! Please don’t do laundry if your idea of doing laundry is put it in the washer (colors mixed with whites) on Friday and then forget about it until either I have to do my laundry and end up taking the moldy pile out or not remembering that you even put it in there in the first place! Don’t borrow my make up, it’s expensive and you put it back in the wrong place every time, no matter how many times I ask you nicely to please respect my things. The dishes, yes, I am SOOOOOO thankful that you unload the dishwasher all on your own now, but now all you have to do is remember where the dishes go, you know, the ones you’ve been using your entire life, yeah those…and pay attention that you’re not putting away the dirty dishes this time. It’s kind of important. Take a shower, all on your own. Everyday. Oh and you really should brush your teeth. Just because your boyfriend doesn’t brush his & doesn’t care about kissing a yuck mouth, seriously, it’s disgusting. I am really happy that you are happy. Now can you please just pay more attention to what is going on around you? Don’t just go through the motions because you know you should be helping, take pride in what you do. UGH! It makes a huge difference.

One response to “I’m so frustrated!”

  1. Not to worry, all children are like this. My X-girlfriends daughters and son were like this as well.
    They are more interested in hanging out with their friends and texting now a days.


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