I feel…

I feel so damn good! For a while there, I was starting to see myself losing touch with who I am and what I am all about. I’ve been told many times that you shouldn’t base your happiness on the people around you and I tried not to and I was miserable. I have no problem standing on my own but I would rather not. I like to make people happy. It makes me happy to know I am making someone else happy. I know they don’t need me in order to be happy, but knowing that the smile on their face & in their heart is a reaction to being in my company makes me happy & want to keep making them happy. My life was falling apart a few months ago and now because I have someone special back in my life, everything is good and I feel I have a purpose again. I don’t care what any therapists say about it, being alone sucks and even worse is being with someone that doesn’t appreciate you for who you are. I’m just happy and I know it and wanted to clap my hands & show it. LOL That’s all. LOL!

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3 responses to “I feel…”

  1. A horse walks into a bar and the bartender asks…”why the long face?”


  2. I hope that this feeling never changes. You do make me happy and in turn that makes you happy so that means we can both clap our hands because we are both happy. WOW!!!!! That’s a lot of clapping. Reminds me of something. HeHe,


  3. Here’s raising a glass to you!


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